Logitech intros seven new webcams, seven

logitech-pro-9000-smallSo much for the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” saying. Logitech just outed seven new webcams that’s “designed to fit within every lifestyle.” We think Logitech means that there is a webcam for every lifestyle that needs a webcam and doesn’t already have one embedded into their notebook, netbook, or computer monitor.


So now Logitech offers – ready? – the Webcam Pro 9000, Portable Webcam C905, Webcam C600, Webcam C500, Webcam C300, Webcam C250, and the Webcam C200. Oh, and all these cost under a $100.

I imagine that the conversation between a Best Buy computer salesmen and your grandma will go a little something like this.

“Ma’ma, you don’t want the $29 Webcam C200 because it doesn’t have a built-in mic and the $39 C250 doesn’t have the glass lens element of the $49 C500. But let me recommend that you step up to the $79 Webcam C600 or $99 Webcam Pro 9000¬†because¬†they both do *air quotes* HD Video.”

“I’ll take the cheap one.”

“Great! Let me tell you about the awesome Best Buy service plan.”