HP will have an 11.6-inch netbook


Buckle up. HP is apparently prepping its own 11.6-inch netbook (not pictured above) for release later this year. There’s literally no information about it other than ODM giant Quanta will be producing the thing, so I’ll not fluff this piece too much with superfluous text.

According to Max Wang (best name ever) at DigiTimes:

Quanta Computer will begin ODM production of a new 11.6-inch netbook in August and a new 10.1-inch model at the end of 2009 for Hewlett-Packard (HP), while Inventec will begin producing a revision of HP’s 10.1-inch netbook at the end of September, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

So there you have it. Another netbook to join the sweet spot that is 11.6 inches.