Facial reconstruction urns let you store your ashes in your head


Facial reconstruction technology is great for solving homicides and whatnot but it may have also found a weird, creepy niche in the personalized urn category. That’s right, just $2600 plus a couple good photographs and you, too, can keep your own ashes in your head.

If $2600 is too much for a full-sized reconstruction of your noggin, there’s also a smaller “keepsake” size available for just $600, designed “for holding just a portion of the ashes.” Please note that hair isn’t normally added to the reconstruction although it can be added digitally or you can use a wig. Wow.

Quick note to my family: I’m all for you doing this, should I meet my untimely demise. I’d just ask that you find a picture of me laughing or smiling, not a photo like the one above where the guy looks like he’s watching TV or peering creepily through a neighbor’s window.

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