Eye-Fi and Apple, sittin' in a tree, u-p-l-o-a-d-ing

I took some photos yesterday afternoon, and didn’t get around to trying to move them from the camera to my laptop until later in the evening. What should have been a simple process — connect cable to camera, connect cable to laptop, import photos — was stymied by my complete inability to find the cable I needed! It’s not like I use a USB A-to-Mini-B cable every day. If only there were some way to wirelessly transfer photos from my camera into my computer. What’s that, Eye-Fi? You say there is? Do tell!

Wow, will you look at that: the Eye-Fi Geo, available exclusively at the Apple store, can wirelessly transfer photos from your camera into iPhoto, or onto your hard drive in the folder of your choice. For an extra ten bucks a year, you can have the Eye-Fi Geo automatically send your photos to one of 25 online photo sharing services. You read that right: $10 per year. That’s a steal! And as with all Eye-Fi cards, your photos will be automatically geotagged. I haven’t fiddled much with geotagging yet, but I know some folks who are really into it. It looks fun.

Alas, my Canon DigitalRebel XT only accepts CF cards, while all the Eye-Fi cards are SD or SD/HC format, so I can’t get in on the party just now. Looks like I’ll be stuck searching for cables for some time, yet. That’s okay. You guys have fun with the Eye-Fi. I’ll catch up with you later. I’ll just sit here and send frustrated, pining messages to the Eye-Fi Twitter account in the vain hope that they create a CF version of their magic little cards…