Viliv X70 preorders delayed, should ship out on August 11


I feel real sorry for the folks that pre-ordered the fantastic Viliv X70 from Dynamism. Those customers should have gotten an email today explaining that the UMPC has been delayed by about two weeks. It seems that it goes back to the old saying of how things roll down hill as a delay from component suppliers has been passed on to the consumers. Dynamism now expects the first shipment to go out on August 11 instead of right now. But let me just say, that the UMPC is amazing and is worth the little bit extra wait.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv X70.  We had hoped to be emailing you with the tracking number, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Our shipment has been delayed by the factory.  For the record, the delay is due to a components shortage: the recession has been less severe than suppliers expected, and MIDs have been especially popular this year. These factors have led to constraints on some components.  We are sorry about this delay.

We know this delay is an inconvenience and we apologize. It is frustrating for us as well when something which is out of our hands comes up, after we work very hard to create a great customer experience. Please know that we are doing everything within in our power to push for fastest possible shipment. We estimate the delay on our first shipment to be about two weeks (August 11th), although we are hoping for less.

Although any order can be canceled for a full refund prior to shipment, we hope that you will bear with us as we do everything within our power to minimize this delay.  Nobody should have to wait, but if any device/ deal is worth the wait, this is it. This is a uniquely cool device and a really fantastic package. You may have heard it many times already, but we hope you have not become inured to the value of this device with its great spec and low price point–especially with all those free accessories/upgrades.

We will send another update within the next week, but please let us know if you need anything else in the meantime.

Thank you,

Dynamism Sales