Toshiba gets into the 3.5-inch external HDD game with the new "Toshiba 3.5-inch External HDD"

I understand this is Toshiba’s first foray into the world of large-form-factor external hard drives, but you have to give the thing a name. You can’t just call your product the “Toshiba 3.5-inch External HDD.” That said, the product itself looks nice. Good looking, shock-resistant, though at $160 for a terabyte, a little bit pricey.

It’s got USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces, and has an AC adaptor for power. It’s a 5400RPM drive, which is a little disappointing. The power button is on the side with all the connectors, so I assume the “front” is featureless.

We know Toshiba makes high-quality gear, so once the street price levels out, you can make the judgment. It’s just hard to recommend off the bat when you can get a terabyte for under a bill these days.