Is 12GB of RAM worth it?

At a time when most people are trying to decide whether 4GB is worth it, it seems a bit decadent to consider the case of 12GB. But the fancy-pants overclocking world doesn’t care about your netbooks or you petty “worldwide financial collapse.” Sometimes, you just need to know how much is too much.

As it turns out, 12GB is… too much. Testing put the GeIL Evo One 12GB kit slightly ahead of a 6GB configuration, but not enough that you’d notice. For the most part, results were very similar, although the 12GB set did perform better on a memory-specific test. So not a lot of performance gain under conditions you’re likely to using these sticks in.

It must be said, though, that they are an absolutely sick-looking set of DIMMs. The custom cooler is pretty ridiculous.