Don't worry, the District 9 director no longer wants anything to do with Halo movie


Back in 2006, when Wall Street was still flying high and Chelsea were sill kings of the English Premier League, Neill Blomkamp was in charge of the Halo movie. Thankfully, the project was canned. Blomkamp moved on to other projects, namely District 9, which looked cool till the actual trailer came out and disappointed me greatly.

Anyhow, someone asked Mr. Blomkamp if, given the opportunity, he would be interested in taking the reigns of a Halo movie once again. This is what he had to say:

The answer is, I probably wouldn’t do Halo if it was offered to me. But creatively, I would like to do it. It’s kind of like I’d be sad to not work on it, but I would still say no… I worked on it for five months… I put a lot of sort of sweat and blood into Halo. Creatively, it’s very compelling. I love it. But, when you work that long on something and you have it bottom out and collapse… I mean, I got District 9 out of it, I think I’m probbaly better off because it’s more of a personal film. But yeah, I love the world of Halo. I don’t think I would go back there.

If only Superman were real, then he could fly around the Earth again and again, and make it so that Mr. Blompkamp’s Halo could become a reality.

via Kotaku