Digital monkey wrench costs $323, tells you when bolts are tight


Ho-ly crap. For $323 plus $20 shipping you can get a digital monkey wrench that tells you when whatever bolt you’re tightening is tight enough. All these years I’ve been relying on the old “it doesn’t turn any more, so it must be tight” rule.

It’ll even buzz to alert you to “excess torque” — just in case you’re manlier than most men (or manly women). Add to that an ergonomic handle, an LED light for visibility, and a diameter of between 10 and 36 millimeters and you’re all set.

Oh, and the wrench carries the following warning:

“Warning: the torque meter uses the distance from the leverage point to the bolt head to calculate torque, so moving your hand closer to the bolt head will throw off its reading. Grasp the full handle in the palm of your hand for the most accurate reading.”

So make sure you hold it just right or your $323 wrench will work just like a $3.23 wrench.

Digital Ratchet Monkey Type [Japan Trend Shop via Random Good Stuff]