Chinese iPhone to sell 1 million units first year

iPhonAsia has some information on China’s exciting WiFi-crippled iPhone. The device will cost less than the smuggled, grey-market iPhones currently available in China and will include special apps for the Chinese consumer.

Considering Apple and China’s track record these last few weeks I wonder how much good will Apple last left in the land of the violent Foxconn security team.

The deal will go through with China Unicom and last for 3 years. He notes:

There is no mention of the terms of exclusivity, such as whether this will be for all iPhones or 3G models only? (leaving the door open for an unlocked 2G model in 2010/11 for all carriers).

China is a massive market and the iPhone is a status symbol there. However, as we’ve seen in Japan, Asia already has enough phones. While I don’t doubt they’ll sell at least a million on the first go around, I’d worry about stagnation, especially considering the lack of Wi-Fi. What do you folks think?

Image via JAVOedge