Yes, that's FIFA 10 on Swindon Town's kit


I can guarantee than maybe 5 percent of you have ever heard of Swindon Town Football Club, but the team’s partnership with EA FIFA 10 should make them a powerhouse in the Manchester City sense sooner rather than later. For this season, and this season only, the team’s players will be running around the pitch with the FIFA 10 logo emblazoned on their chests.

Football and video games have a celebrated history. Who can forget seeing Thierry Henry running up and down the pitch with the Dreamcast logo on his chest when he played for Arsenal?


“Superdepor” also had the Dreamcast logo for a bit.


And MLS fans know that Seattle Sounders is sponsored by Microsoft/Xbox 360.


Now let us never mention yesterday’s Gold Cup loss ever again (even though it was a B team at best).