Wind Up Breakdancers spin with gusto, create general merriment


If your next dinner party turns out to be even half as awkward as the last one, you’ll need to have these “Wind Up Breakdancers” on hand if you want people to stay for coffee and passive-aggressive banter between you and your significant other.

Just wind them up, cue “Rock It” by Herbie Hancock, and watch as your guests delicately nod in approval. You get both breakdancers for £9.99 — only available in the UK and currently sold out. Sorry for the tease!

If you’re dead set on getting these in the US, the site will ship outside the UK although “shipping charges to outside the UK mainland are significantly higher” and you’ll have to e-mail first to get a shipping quote. Still, they’re wind up breakdancers! Money is no object!

Wind Up Breakdancers [Chalfont Gifts via Nerd Approved]