Video: Panasonic's battery-powered Evolta robot to tackle the Le Mans circuit

evolta_le_mans Panasonic sure knows how to market their stuff. First the company made its cute Evolta robot hoist itself up a 500 meter-cliff at Grand Canyon last year to show off the power of the Evolta batteries. Now the little guy (Mr. Evolta) turned into a tricycling robot and is ready to take on [JP] the famous Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in France.

The robot won’t run the full 24 hours (Le Mans is the world’s oldest sports car race in endurance racing) but around 4km/2.5m on a single charge. He’s sitting on a car, which is 30cm long and 20cm wide (the sitting robot itself is 20cm tall).

The Panasonic event will take place on August 5. Mr. Evolta is powered by 2 AA batteries and even has his own blog [JP].

This video shows him practicing for the big race. [youtube=]