Verizon now offering free hotspot access to FiOS customers, I still can't pay my bill


Are you a FiOS customer? Want free access to Wi-Fi hotspots across the country? Of course you do! Starting today Verizon is offering free hotpsot access to new FiOS customers with the 25/15 package Mbps package. Those, like me, who joined before the increase in speeds and have the 20/5 Mbps package are also privy to free Wi-Fi. HSI customers with 3Mbps or 7.1Mbps plans can also tap into Verizon’s network. Check here for available hotspots in your area.

That’s great and all, but I still haven’t been able to pay my FiOS bill. Can’t do it online or over the phone because Verizon’s customer service is only capable of transferring me to someone who can supposedly help me who then sends me to someone and so on. Verizon, I’m not paying my bill because you won’t let me. You haven’t even sent me a bill in the mail and I know I owe you money.

if you qualify (or think you do), go to and log in using your usual username and password. It’ll point you to the software you need.