Twitter Adopting The Word 'Tweet' On Its Website

picture-610Remember all the brouhaha about Twitter trademarking the word ‘tweet’ and subsequently having to explain that they were not exactly doing this to attack third-party app developers over the use of the word?

Well so far Twitter hasn’t been that terribly prolific in using the words ‘tweet’ or ‘retweet’ apart from some odd blog posts and individual employees’ messages on the micro-sharing service. That has changed today.

TechCrunch reader @JoeHagofsky informs us that Twitter has apparently changed the word ‘updates’ on the right sidebar of the page you see when logged onto its website to ‘tweets’ (see screenshots below). It’s also changed on individual profile pages. We see them too and as far as we know this is in fact new.

It’s also interesting to note that despite ‘updates’ being changed to ‘tweets’ in a few places, the big, main button used to send a tweet still reads ‘update.’

Of course, this is a minor update, but in light of the posts linked above it’s fairly interesting to see the startup actually adopt the word. It’s been widely reported that Twitter will soon, possibly as early as this week, launch a completely revamped website which could well offer a better experience than the slew of third-party web apps out there.

Maybe we’ll see much more use of the word when they do.