Now Samsung has an e-book reader, Korea gets first dibs


Samsung is now getting into the e-book game. It has developed its very own e-book reader, which will first be available in Korea for around $270. It’ll be Korea-only for a little while yet.

The reader, the SNE-50K e-book, has a five-inch touchscreen (the Kindle has a 6.5-inch screen) along with 250MB of storage.

Books will initially be supplied by Kyobo Bookstore, which is, as I understand it, on of South Korea’s biggest book sellers. So just because you’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal.

As far as relating it elsewhere, Samsung is in negotiations with book publishers to see if they’d be willing to release e-books for their reader.

So that makes three big e-book readers: the Kindle (including its different models), Barnes and Nobles’ upcoming e-book reader, and now Samsung’s.

Nothing wrong with choice, right?