LEGO diorama gets copied by ad agency


There seems to be a little controversy over these German LEGO ads. The Making History campaign uses LEGO blocks to recreate historic moments. You have to admit that they are well done. But you see, a guy on Flickr has been doing this for sometime and one of the ad images is a little too similar to be done accidently.

But thankfully the guy on Flickr has remanded grounded about the subject.

“The Jung von Matt agency originally contacted me to do the historical Lego photos for their 50th anniversary ad campaign, but I didn’t think their choice of photos would work very well. They obviously had a go at doing them themselves. I wasn’t the first person to do classic photos in Lego, so I’m not particularly concerned. It is nice to see the comments on that thread linking to my work though, it’s quite flattering.”

It’s worth your time to check out Mike Stimpson’s work on Flickr. His LEGO work is just as impressive as the LEGO ads.