Calling all North East tech start-ups: can you help us?

Part Two of our series on tech start-ups in the North East of England will look at the quality of institutional support and resources available to start-ups, and whether some well-intentioned development programs are doing more harm than good to the local digital economy. We need you to tell us about your experiences with Business Link, Codeworks, One North East, North East Finance, NorthStar and everyone else. We want to know everything: the good, the bad and the hideously ugly. And we want you to tell us on the record (your name will printed next to the comments you make).

  • Are you an internet start-up CEO in the North East of England?
  • Have you worked in technology in the North East for a while?
  • Do you know the sector well?
  • Do you have experience of starting out, trying to get funding and asking for help and support?
  • Do you have a story to share – good or bad – about any publicly-funded bodies in the North East?
  • Do you have an opinion about the level of support and access to expert knowledge in the region?

Drop us a line by email or leave a comment below if you’d like to help. Feel free to tell us about your experiences anonymously (Chatham House rules) or off the record (in which case we won’t repeat them at all) as well, but please indicate which you’d prefer at the top of your message, or break your message into clear sections.

This is politically and financially sensitive stuff. We’re aware of that. But if you’d like to have your say (and who know, maybe even make a positive difference to the long-term economic health of the North East), get in touch.

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