What happens when artificial intelligence gets too advanced for its own good?


Imagine you’re sitting at the dining table reading the latest Wrestling Observer, as you do from time to time. Nothing too crazy, just minding your own business. Then, suddenly—it’s always suddenly—the microwave hops off the counter, wielding a knife, and comes charging after you. Oh, dear!

Or maybe one day you’re merely cleaning around the house, when out of nowhere comes your Roomba flying at you at breakneck speed. Mind your neck!

Crazy scenarios? Perhaps, yes, but scientists and those who pretend to be them may be increasingly worried about a Terminator scenario: robots and other forms of artificial life turning on their creators, wreaking havoc all over the planet.

Maybe one day we’ll all wake up and robots will have determined that humans are the biggest threat to planet Earth’s survival, and go on a murderous rampage, à la I, Robot.

This all stems from a recent meeting of scientists and researchers, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. And while those present weren’t necessarily concerned that the T-100 will come a-knockin’, their scenarios are no less destructive, like, what if someone codes a computer virus that “no one” can stop?

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence will publish a report later this year, and it’ll, in part, deal with all that hurly-burly.

Come on, I, Robot!