Orb Bluetooth headset transforms into a ring, looks creepy

I’m skeptical of the early 2010 release date for this thing, since it seems pretty concept-y at this point. And how is it going to stay on your ear?!

The idea is fine, though: in one form it’s a ring that you wear, I suppose, on your finger. When you get a call, the little OLED display (deluxe version only) lights up and you can answer it by twisting the ring into its earpiece form. Somehow I don’t believe it’ll work as well as they want it to.

There will at least be different sizes of rings, but I can’t imagine they’ll be comfortable to wear, since they look pretty girthy. It also looks like an alien implant or something. Not exactly haute couture, but at least it’s distinctive. Supposedly it’ll be out in early 2009 for $129, or $175 for the deluxe one with the screen.