Video: AT&T iPhone Hell

Our post last week on AT&T’s failures inspired a lot of people to voice their displeasure (to put it kindly) with the service over its poor network performance, particularly with the iPhone. It also inspired one professional video editor, Pat Lee, to make the following truly awesome AT&T/Apple ad parody.

Lee tells us that he hopes the video inspires people “to contact Apple to let them know about their issues with AT&T’s atrocious service.” The end goal is to put pressure on Apple not to renew its exclusive deal with AT&T here in the U.S.

And the video comes at a good time. Comic-Con is currently taking place in San Diego and not surprisingly, there are widespread reports of major AT&T failures at the show. While it’s undoubtedly due to a huge concentration of comic lovers with iPhones, once again, AT&T should have seen this coming. Instead, just as with SXSW, they’re forced to scramble to try and fix things on the fly rather than preemptively attacking a problem.