Throw a stone and you'll find Windows 7 OEM online to download. Not that you'd do such a thing, of course.


Friends, you cannot go anywhere on the Internet without running into the OEM version of Windows 7. This is the same version of the operating system that’ll be loaded onto your Dells, your HPs, your Lenovos, etc.

I mention this why? Not to tell you where to get it, obviously, but merely to marvel at the speeds of The Scene. (Though some Scene releases are timelier than others!) We’re looking at the biggest software launch of the year—yes, bigger than Snow Leopard‘s—leaked to the Internets, then distributed with such efficiency that you ask yourself why can’t members The Scene apply their obvious talents for good instead of evil.

Anyhow, I spy the release circulating at “Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Original MS ISO x64-GRP ” and “Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Original MS ISO x86-GRP.” The x64 version is a little bigger than the x86 version—3.00GB versus 2.33GB. (So don’t go downloading “Windows 7 REAL CONFIRMED WORKING” when it weight in at 100KB. That would be computer suicide.)

I won’t be downloading because, well, that would be illegal—wink—but also because I’m fine with Mac OS X on my laptop, and, increasingly, Linux Mint on my old iMac.

That is all. (Also, pray for Felipe Massa. He’s hurtin’ right now.)