SteelSeries has new gear for serious gamers

There is a certain market for gaming mice. These guys are the type that join an online FPS clan. They are the ones that yell at you for trying to have fun instead of cap’n the last flag. They obsess about framerates, lag, and 3DMark scores. But the key aspect of these nerds are that they often blame their computer or input device for failing. “Damn mouse! I knew I should have gotten the one with the 4,600 dpi sensor instead of this that runs at 4,100 dpi!” Well, SteelSeries is back with two new mice and a gaming surface to fuel their obsession.[PSGallery=9e2nsmk4na]

The new Xai laser mouse isn’t your standard Dell OEM. This baby is designed for some serious gaming. The mouse processes 12,000 frames a second at 5,001 CPI – I’m assuming that’s some high-end stuff there. The mouse even has an LCD embedded on the underside where users can customise the tracking speed and sensitivity without the need to install any programs or drivers.

The Xai is a full size ambidextrous mouse, but some folks like their mice smaller. SteelSeries is out the Kinzu mouse which is based on the same shape as the Xai, but is 7% smaller. This guy processes at 9,375 frames/second at 3,200 CPI.

Lastly SteelSeries has a new gaming surface called the 9HD. From the presser,

The finely textured surface consists of tens-of-thousands of light reflecting microscopic points, enabling the user to perform exceptionally precise mouse operations, including minimal movements as well as high velocity “slingshots.”

Enough said.

The trio will be available in August for $79, $34, and $34, respectively.

Here’s what the pros are saying about the mice. Enjoy.