Programmable license plate cover finally affordable for the rest of us

ledLicense plate covers with scrolling LED messages used to be the playthings of kings, CEOs, and hotel owners!

Now you, too, can get in on the fun for far less than you think. is selling the “E-Plate Scrolling License Plate Frame” for just $14 plus shipping.

You can program up to five scrolling messages into the E-Plate and display them at a moment’s notice to the driver behind you. Imagine the possibilities!

Your driving? I don’t care for it.

Please observe the two second rule. You may be too close to my bumper!

Follow me if you like pancakes. I might be going to IHOP. Might!

Messages can apparently be “hundreds of letters and numbers long” so feel free to really load up your political and religious viewpoints in great detail.

E-Plate Scrolling License Plate Frame With Remote Control [ via dealnews]