MediaGate's MG-M²TV: a nice little all-purpose media player for a bill

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What to do with that enormous collection of anime AVIs you collected in college? You can’t just throw it away! And it’s mouldering in heaps of CD-Rs at your parents’ house. Okay, maybe not everybody has this problem, but surely you have something like it. Spend a day stuffing all those old 235MB files onto an old external hard drive, get a sweet off-brand all-purpose media player, and you can relive your Robotech days 2009 style.

The MG-M²TV from MediaGate (thanks to Engadget for the proper name, I never can get superscripts right) supports pretty much every video format ever made, and of course all the audio and image ones as well — for $100. And because it’s off-brand, you can expect a level of support and reliability you can’t from the big brands. Yes, I mean that — these kinds of guys update their firmware and have an active community that will make this little box a powerhouse.

Check out the codec lineup: RealVideo 10 RMVB, VC‐1, H.264, WMV9, MPEG1/2/4, AVI (Xvid, AVC), MKV, MOV, TP, TS, ISO, ASF, VO.

It doesn’t mention x264, but I get the feeling it’s supported. One thing it doesn’t do is .flv files, but I guarantee someone will put out a hack for that.

[via Dvice]

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