I like booth babes as much as the next guy, but this is too much

Look, I understand the booth babe thing. I try to avoid it when I’m CES and E3, but I know you guys want it so we takes our pictures and we posts our galleries. Despite a lingering feeling of dirtiness, there’s no harm to it. But they’re there as attention grabbers, not pawns in a creepy industry PR stunt. Seems EA didn’t get the memo, and now they’re involving hundreds of (in a sense) innocent booth babes in this ridiculous scam. Take as many pictures as you can with booth babes, and win a date with some? Stay classy, EA!

I can even see how they might do this and not creep people out. Get the exhibitors to sign on, promise a backstage tour (booth babes included) for the best picture with each lady. That’s just off the top of my head. But “a sinful night with two hot girls?” “A chest full of booty?”

And now, to add a thin, crispy layer of hypocrisy to this post, here are our booth beauties from E3 and CES this year.