Guess who will direct the next Resident Evil movie!


Paul W.S. Anderson, that’s who! Yes, the same guy who directed the first Resident Evil movie (and who wrote and produced the other two) is back for this latest installment. It stars the same actress from before, Milla Jovovich.

Oh, and the movie will be in 3D, like everything else these days. We’re just going in circles and circles in this country.

Here’s what the plot of the movie should be: In the very first scene of the film, we see Ms. Jovovich standing over a bloody body. It’s the mayor’s body. Days later, the police find her holed up in a local arcade.

The rest of the film is a 90 minute episode of Law and Order. District attorneys, cross examinations, murmurs from the courtroom gallery, etc.

Resident Evil in name only.

via Kotaku