Evony ad campaign: Where breasts trick you into playing a Civ clone


I’m sure you’ve seen this ad online at some point in your Internet travels. It’s for the game Evony, an online Civilization clone that, while it doesn’t outright stink on ice, it isn’t the best, either. But the game’s quality is irrelevant, for today we’re looking at the game’s rubbish ad campaign. Basically, it consists of a pair of breasts plastered all over the Internet.

So the game isn’t anything to praise. It’s developed by Universal Multiplayer Game Entertainment, which has links to Chinese gold farmers, and, again, it’s basically a Civilization clone. (It used to be called Civony.) The ad campaign, however, almost entirely consists of busty maidens inviting you to play the game.

Please note that there are no princesses to save in the game. She’s just there to get you interested in the game.

I could go on a longish rant, “this is the dumbing down of society,” etc. but perhaps CrunchGear should adopt a similar ad campaign? Just hire a bunch of busty models holding Palm Pres and Wii remote controllers?