Barry Diller Still Doesn't Like Twitter, Still Can't Stop Talking About It

A couple of weeks ago IAC Chairman and CEO Barry Diller was telling the elite crowd at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley conference that he was “pessimistic about Twitter’s prospects for making money.” A couple of weeks later and he’s singing the same tune, this time to the elite crowd at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Pasadena.

In an interview with Andy Serwer, Diller admitted that he didn’t really understand the service and doesn’t use it himself. He said it was for people who want emote real time information like “I’m going to the doctor now,” “I’ve left the doctor now,” and “I have a cavity,” and that it doesn’t seem like a natural advertising platform. “It’s not exactly for me” he said, “I don’t go to the dentist.”

He does admit that it is a “very strong” real time communication device. But he just can’t get much more excited than that. Maybe he’ll take another look if Twitter ever hits those massive revenue projections.

Full video is below. Sorry for the low quality, Fortune will likely have a clean high definition version soon and I’ll swap it out.