Another Killer Data Point For iPhone Apps: F.A.S.T. Pulls In $1 Million In Six Weeks

Another data point that profitable businesses can be built on the back of the iPhone/iPod Touch app store: Social Gaming Network’s F.A.S.T. dogfight game, which launched in early June and lets users try to shoot down other human players, pulled in over $1 million in download fees alone in the first six weeks it was available.

SGN is clearly trying to find the revenue-maximizing price for the game – it has varied from $9.99 (the price I paid in June), to just $1.99 today. The game will eventually allow paid-for upgrades to weapons and jets when the new version comes out as well, which will bring in more dollars from addicted users.

This is an extraordinary game and certainly not representative of the average revenue from other paid apps in the App Store. But it also isn’t even currently on the top list of paid apps, and it continues to pull in substantial dollars, spiking, we hear, to as much as $60,000 per day.

SGN is also planning to license the basic platform engine that they created to build F.A.S.T. to other developers as well, who can create their own interactive games.