The Secret of Monkey Island launches on iPhone, raids our wallet


Late last night and seemingly out of nowhere, the iPhone-port of The Secret of Monkey Island appeared in the App Store. Coming in at a whopping 400MB, you’re going to want to camp out next to a nice, fast WiFi hotspot if you decide to buy this – which you absolutely, positively should.

We’ll admit it: we’re only about 15% of the way through this version of the game. But having played through DOS version roughly nine thousand times, we can say without a doubt that this is the best version we’ve ever played. The graphics have seen a complete (and gorgeous) overhaul, and the entire script has been done up with some outstanding voice acting. Don’t like the new look? Voices not matching up with the ones in your head? Double-finger swipe the screen at any time. BAM! You’re back to the original stylings, and can swap back and forth on the fly.

Before you jump in, note that the controls aren’t exactly what most people envision. You don’t just tap the screen to activate an object; instead, you’re moving a mouse cursor through relative movements on the touchscreen, much like any of the many VNC iPhone apps. It’s a bit wonky at first, but it maintains the mechanics of the original game better than a tap-to-activate method would have.

If you’ve never played the original or never managed to finish, buy this. $8 bucks for a classic game, overhauled, and made portable? That’s a friggin’ steal.

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