Sony prepping touchscreen Vaios for Windows 7

Looks like the work Microsoft has put into making Windows 7 touch-friendly is paying off. Sony (and doubtless many others) are looking forward to offering touch-based designs. A Sony VP of what-have-you has confirmed that they will be offering Windows 7-based laptops with touchscreens. That’s good news for everybody — except those of us who can’t afford the entire Vaio lineup.

First, simply the availability is good. Sony makes some decent laptops and I’m sure these will be no exception. Secondly, it adds value to that feature — if it’s well-received, other laptop makers will have all the more reason to include it in their offerings. Even if Sony blows it and their particular hardware sucks, it’s just an opportunity for another to say “well look, we did it where Sony couldn’t.”

I’m looking forward to it, although a cheap, touchscreen-based computer may as well be a tablet — all the fun, much less hassle. We’ll see how our CrunchPad works out.

[via CNET]