Budget-friendly HTC Click steals more camera time


Can’t get enough of the wallet-friendly HTC Click? We hear you. Sure, it’s kinda small, and maybe it’s not the most exciting design ever – but it’s (supposedly) only going to cost a buck shy of $100, and it’s fueled by Android.

We still don’t have any verified details about this guy, but we do have another picture of it. For bonus points, this shot is the exact opposite of the blurrycam shots we’ve come to expect. Shot with a decent camera, the light in all the right places – for once, the blur is in all the right places. We’re pretty wary that this thing isn’t coming stateside (HTC likes to make economy phones for developing countries), but we can hope.

So what do you think – would you be able to use Android with a D-Pad instead of a scroll ball?