Store your data on an ice cream bar with deliciously easy file transfers


Ice cream bars and external data solutions are, without a doubt, two of my favorite things. Actually, I don’t back up all that often (I’m in the cloud!) and frozen confections give me headaches. But this concept actually makes a whole lot of sense and it looks good, to boot.

The body of the ice cream bar is a fully functioning external USB hard drive and the bar’s handle is a lower-capacity USB flash drive. Grab whatever files you need from whichever computer you’re using and store them on the flash drive and then when you get home, plug the flash drive into the bigger external hard drive and those new files will get transferred automatically. Delicious.

This appears to still in concept phase from Korean outfit mintpass but there are already different storage sizes — called flavors — in existence and the company’s website says that the devices are “engineered with a high-density plastic with high gloss coating” so perhaps we might see these for real someday. Hell, I’d buy one and I don’t even really back anything up.

Mint Hard [mintpass via technabob]