Someone Please Caption This


This picture is great. And it’s just begging for some kind of caption. It was taken today at Microsoft’s MGX conference in Atlanta, where Windows President Steven Sinofsky and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage to reveal that Windows 7 was ready to be released to manufacturing. In other words, it’s done.

But what on Earth are Sinofsky and Ballmer doing in this picture snapped by Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc, and sent out to Twitter? It looks like Sinofsky might be trying to throw a baseball left-handed (assuming he’s right-handed). Or maybe he’s asking Ballmer to take his arm and skip?

Ballmer looks to be screaming, which is nothing new, or is he yawning? Also, it looks like he just used a CD-ROM to burn a copy of Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming, which he either borrowed from the library, or downloaded through Kazaa. (Okay, yes it’s the gold Windows 7 RTM disc, but what is he going to write on it?)

Are the two men exorcising Windows Vista as Windows 7 rises in the background? Or is Ballmer in the midst of saying something in threes?  Maybe they’re singing? If so, where and who is the third tenor? We need to know.