Plot Multiple Searches On Google Maps

Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool for searching for pretty much anything in a specific geographic area, but I used to find it annoying that I would have to conduct multiple, separate searches in Google Maps for various items along a route or point of interest. Now Google has added a feature that lets you conduct multiple searches within one search for directions.

This feature lets you add visual layers to a particular map as you add more search parameters. So let’s say you are searching for a particular route to get from one destination to another. You can now search for several restaurants and bars within that route. As you conduct multiple searches, you’ll see a blue bar at the bottom of the left side of the Maps page. You can click on it to expand the widget, which will list the searches that you have made. You can also turn searches on or off by clicking on the box to the side of each search. And each search is color coded, so you know which is which.

Google also recently added another helpful feature to its Maps product—the What’s Here option. If you right-click somewhere on a map, it will bring up a menu with a bunch of options, including “What’s here?” Google will then show you information about what is actually at the location you’re pointing at.