Gadget Club Entrants: The first round

We received about 20 entries in the Gadget Club contest so far – not a huge number but impressive enough to offer some hearty competition. So I present to you, dear readers, the first five contestants in our Gadget Club contest. It was hard to pick just five and the remaining entrants will go back into the pool next week.

Please go through each one and assess it for value, salability, and funitude.

Remember: the contest is running for two more weeks and any entrants not chosen here will be added to the pool next week. Head over to the main post to read the full rules and conditions and good luck!

I’ll count the votes this Friday at noon Eastern.

UPDATE – I pulled one of the entrants for gaming the poll. There are a number if issues with any online poll but if we can’t play fair than I’d rather we not play at all. There are two more chances to win this excellent prize and I’d prefer that we did this like gentlemen.

The Tapper by Tony H.
Remember The Clapper? Clap On..Clap Off! That was the 80’s. This is now. This is Tapper! The concept is pretty simple. You have a device that is connected to you home network. You also have special plug-through devices (or hard wired plugs and switches, if you want to get fancy). The plug-through devices are connected wirelessly to the control unit attached to your network. With this device, you could turn the lights or appliances in your home on and off from anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. Not just from a computer but from your SmartPhone as well. Applications for the iPhone, Palm, Android and Windows Mobile platforms would allow you to control the connected items from anywhere you have a cellular signal. An add on unit would replace your existing thermostat and give you control of your AC/heat from anywhere.

What would this be used for? Not only could it be used while you are at home…when you just don’t feel like getting up to turn up the AC or switch off the lamp. But imagine going on vacation and turning your AC/Heat off and turning it on a few hours before you get home. Suppose you left your home thinking you would only be gone a few hours and it turned into an overnighter (you know what I’m talking about). Turn a few lights on back at your house for safety because everyone knows a dark house invites criminals.

Yes there are different gizmos that do similar things but they are all clumsy and flawed. This is the perfect solution.

So come on…you know you want a Tapper!

Tweeper by Curtis
Want to kick it old school AND keep your hipster cred. Then you need the TWEEPER. It’s the cutting edge in beeper technology combined with the constant chirping from the people you worship. Don’t be bothered with reading those long 140 character tweets. The tweeper can only show 48 characters. l33t!

Potty Mobil by Ciprian
Potty Mobil – igniting opportunities

iPod Blender by Rolene
I have attached the picture of an iPod blender. Cool hein?