Facebook Video: Now Serving 1 Billion Views A Month, Including This Amazing Zuck Impression

For the last few months Facebook has been regularly posting promotional videos to its Career site, introducing prospective applicants to all the neat things that go on behind the scenes. Today they’ve uploaded one that’s particularly interesting, detailing the launch of the company’s Video feature. It’s been known for some time that Facebook Video was the result of one of the company’s famed Hackathons, but getting the chance to watch some of the first clips to appear on the platform is pretty darn cool. There’s also one nice piece of data tucked away in the video: Facebook saw over 1 billion video views last month. That’s still far less than that 1.2 billion YouTube sees every day, but it undoubtedly makes Facebook one of the top video sharing sites on the web (it’s also the largest photo sharing site).

Of course, the best part of the video comes from a Facebook engineer named Putnam as he describes Mark Zuckerberg’s initial reaction to the Video idea. Just watch the clip below.

Also be sure to check out the full video, though beware of the ridiculously sappy piano music playing throughout.