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Last month I said TechCrunch Europe was looking at maybe getting an office space in London. We thought about getting a bigger space than just your average office so that we could maybe hold smaller events in it. However, now our thinking has evolved and we’re looking at some kind of co-working space. Especially one aimed at startups outside London (in the rest of the UK and in Europe) that couldn’t normally afford to get an office here because London is generally very expensive.

But for the idea to work we need to do some research. So we’d be very grateful if you answered the survey questions below. Then we can figure it all out. Thanks in advance!

Meanwhile we’re rattling around London looking at spaces. Please get in touch if you know any friendly landlords, lettings agents etc with property near Old St, Hoxton, Liverpool St, the West End, Southwark/Waterloo, London Bridge or Kings Cross. We’re looking at a blank canvas space which basically has heat and light, toilet, kitchen. We don’t want fancy managed offices. Contact us here.

  • Jeffrey Peel

    Great idea. We’re based in Belfast but do a lot of business in London. Would be great to have a base.

  • UnAmerican

    think an error on one of the poll questions – intended to say ‘more than 12 days’ ?

    good luck with this – next stop Cafe Crunch?

  • Steven Renwick

    Presume you mean “more than 12 days a month” in Q2?

    Problem might be if you end up with people wanting to work in the same space as you just to kiss a$$ in the hope of getting a mention on TC.

    • Mike Butcher

      Fair comment although to be honest I wouldn’t give a shit either way. And I probably won’t be there that much myself anyway. This just seems like an interesting idea and someone ought to do it so I’m asking the question. Capeesh?

      • Steven Renwick

        Uhh, yeah, I don’t have a problem with you asking the question. Sorry boss. Space sharing is win:win!


      • Mike Butcher

        I prefer Brsk. It’s the new realtime Brusque.

  • Jake

    We’d like to have a flexible space like this but it does need to be low cost. Our alternative is to work from home, in cafes or overseas (as we do at present), all of which are cheap or free. However, there is value in having somewhere to work that is neither home or a cafe and there are benefits of working around like-minded people, so we’d be pleased to join in.

  • Jesh Sukhwani

    Great idea TCUK! For our business I managed to find and secure a similar deal near Smithfields Market.

  • Ian Hayward

    Great idea imho.
    I’d suggest making the co-space contractual, payments 3 months in advance (as value per company is likely to be low) to prevent overcrowding & timewasters.
    Ian Hayward, Founder & CEO Glaxstar

  • Jonathan Markwell

    Great idea! I run a coworking space in Brighton called The Skiff: A bunch of us here are also working on startups through a kind of bootstraper’s Seedcamp called BootCycle: Would be fantastic to have a similar space we could partner with in London.

    Our basic model is to charge regulars a monthly fee of £20 which provides up to 10 hours a month coworking. Extra days are then £5. I’d expect it to be a little more expensive in central London but it would be really helpful to have a space there when we are in town.

  • Eric

    Great idea!

    “Shared” meeting room(s) must be there too.
    What about living? Any Ideas? For companies Europe, who want to step into London the higher cost will be the living….

  • Cheryl

    Currently paying for expensive space in a private members club in London, considering The Hub model for when my contract runs out. A TC space would be attractive.

  • Simon

    Hi Mike,

    I would have a look around Clapham Junction area. Good transport, cheaper than central London and close to Gatwick.

    Another possibility is Vaxhaul, good transport again and relatively easy access to heathrow and Gatwick. I see lots of office space advertised when ever I pass through there.

  • Chris

    Great idea, let me know if anything comes of it


    • Chris

      Good idea – provision of meeting space would be especially useful. Would recommend SE1 as a good area – proximity to the City and West End plus out to airports. Have you looked around the Bermondsey area? Plenty of ‘for rent’ signs on nice old warehouse buildings.

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  • Evan Rudowski

    Great idea — we would potentially be interested for the community of similar companies. But otherwise, the IoD is £250/year with multiple facilities in London as well as across the UK. Stodgy, perhaps, but nevertheless comfortable and businesslike.


  • Andy Theyers

    Definitely interested in this kind of thing. The private members’ clubs just aren’t that good for those of us who come in from out of town on a regular basis.

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  • Jan Paricka

    Great idea. Is there going to be something like a poll?

  • liam

    Can highly recomend Richmond Bridge House.
    Serviced offices but without the serviced hassle.
    Leafy Richmond and just a tube ride from West End or fast train to Waterloo.

  • Michael Howe

    This is definitely something I would be interested in… Where do I sign?

  • fergus

    Man this would be perfect for us. We are based mainly in Manchester and continent but are in London regularly. Currently we end up in cafes (or other peoples offices). No opportunity to bump into others in the same industry and does nothing for the physique.

    Looking forward to an update

  • Emma Kane

    PAYG Central London meeting space would be _so_ useful. Wifi and phone I’ve got covered…

    • Tom

      Emma – see my comment below yours. There are already a few PAYG meeting rooms in London, including Hubworking ( who are based next to Liverpool Street station and who charge £8 /hr.

  • Tom

    It’s worth pointing out a couple of existing resources:

    The London Co-working wiki
    lists a number of existing co-working/hotdesking/payg desks, offices and meeting spaces. Worth checking out. We used the Hub for about 6 months – it was fine, though nice to move into more permanent offices.

    There’s also a regular co-working group who meet every Friday for tea and cakes (I think, truthfully I’ve never been) at the ICA:

    Hope this helps

    • Emma Kane

      It does actually – thanks Tom.

  • Martin Tantow

    Just voted. Would make a lot of sense for us – so keep me in the loop.

    Best, Martin

  • piers saye

    Its a well trodden path and can work very well.
    If it were me i’d look at Bermondsey. transport links are good, rent is cheap and lots of regeneration grants/tax breaks last time I looked

  • John

    mate, if u create an office space for other co’s in ur field, it would defo affect ur non-bias stance as a news source. u’d condemn these compatriots in the eyes of others as being the TCUK lackeys, and, more importantly, would favour them (consciously or sub-) over competing techs/services

    if ur objective is to create a place for like-minds to share etc., much better u u create a transient space for these same people to come and go, i.e. a cafe, or a bar (better as people always share more and enjoy more when they’ve had a few swift half’s).

    but seriously, co-working with ur subject-matter could be detrimental for ur independance (it’s a step above being a hands-off investor)


    • Mike Butcher

      John – That’s a very good point. That’s why I’m not going to do it. I’m handing over the idea to someone else to do it. We’ve decided that TechCrunch Europe won’t have *any* interest in it so we can remain independent editorially. If anyone wants to register an interest in this project and get put on a list for when things happen then they can email

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