Do you want an office in London? Then answer this survey

Last month I said TechCrunch Europe was looking at maybe getting an office space in London. We thought about getting a bigger space than just your average office so that we could maybe hold smaller events in it. However, now our thinking has evolved and we’re looking at some kind of co-working space. Especially one aimed at startups outside London (in the rest of the UK and in Europe) that couldn’t normally afford to get an office here because London is generally very expensive.

But for the idea to work we need to do some research. So we’d be very grateful if you answered the survey questions below. Then we can figure it all out. Thanks in advance!

Meanwhile we’re rattling around London looking at spaces. Please get in touch if you know any friendly landlords, lettings agents etc with property near Old St, Hoxton, Liverpool St, the West End, Southwark/Waterloo, London Bridge or Kings Cross. We’re looking at a blank canvas space which basically has heat and light, toilet, kitchen. We don’t want fancy managed offices. Contact us here.