CrunchBoard: Content Associate, PHP Developer, Search Specialist

Its CrunchBoard time, so let’s take a look back at the recent job news.

Super Secret startup MOBshop is looking for some serious coding guns for hire. They say MOBshop “will hit the intersection of mobile and physical worlds.”

If your looking to get your name out there and do some networking, lets you create some cool online business cards. It’s time to get yourself a presence online, cause you know, this internet thing is here to stay. And we’re all about that business card dying thing.

Things still don’t look good for the print media industry as the Condé Nast layoffs continue. They’ve hired consultants from McKinsey to help with the cuts, with the first casualty being their web brand for men. Well, atleast they’re hiring somebody.

Here is our layoff tracker, which is updated regularly. If your on the hunt for a new job, CrunchBoard may be the place to find a new opportunity. Check out a snapshot of the jobs available below:

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