Bypass Loading Facebook By Emailing In Your Pictures And Videos

Facebook has fast become one of the leading photo and video sharing sites on the web. The social network already lets you upload photos via MMS or through Facebook apps on the iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices. Today, Facebook is giving users another way to share photos immediately— via email.

Facebook now lets you create a unique upload email address where you can send photos and videos from anywhere you have email access on your mobile device. When you attach a photo or video to an email, you can include the comment to the photo in the subject line of the email. But if there is more than one image or video attached to the email, the caption will apply to all the attachments.

Facebook says that your email provider determines the file size of how many videos and photos you can send in one email, but the social network doesn’t have any restrictions on how many images can be uploaded via one email. Images uploaded via the email will be placed in the “Mobile Upload” photo album (where photos from MMS and apps go) and will follow the privacy settings of that album, according to Facebook.

This sounds a lot like Flickr’s option to upload via email. Similar to Facebook, Flickr gives you a unique email address that you can use to add your photos to your Flickr photostream. This move shows how important photo and video sharing is to the social network, which saw 1 billion video views last month.