Apple's Mesmerizing New Window Display, Featuring An Infinite Flurry Of iPhone Apps


Earlier this evening I was walking down the streets of Palo Alto near TechCrunch HQ, when I stumbled across what is likely the coolest window display I’ve ever seen —unsurprisingly housed at the Apple Store. The display features a giant wall of apps flying by, accompanied by a massive iPhone that briefly displays a handful of featured apps for a few seconds apiece. As far as I know this is new, though it’s possible that it has appeared in front of other stores before now. In any case, it’s damn cool, and reminds me of the incredible App Wall that Apple featured at this year’s WWDC. Check out the video above.

Update: After a little sleuthing I’ve confirmed that Palo Alto was the first store to have the display (it was installed yesterday), and that the San Francisco flagship store just got one too. It’s absolutely worth checking out, if only to watch as people in the street stop and have their eyes glaze over as they fall under the screen’s spell.