Sonic Solutions looking to bring 3D movies to your home, no glasses required


How badly do you want to watch 3D movies at home? Scale of 1 to 10, let’s say. I’m a 1—I patently have zero interest in 3D movies. (If I want to see a story in 3D I’ll go to Broadway to see a play. Bam, 3D.) I ask because there’s a company out there, Sonic Solutions, that appears to be ramping up for a major rollout of at-home 3D movies.

Sonic is working with the likes of Nvidia to bring 3D movies to PC users via Roxio CinemaNow. When that’ll actually go down, who knows. Just know that they’re working on it.

And Sonic is working on said 3D movies be of that sort that doesn’t require special glasses. As someone who wears glasses, I can’t tell you how sad it makes me to not be able to put on a pair of Top Gun shades as I’m cruising the Go-Go-Goya aisle.

Meanwhile, you can actually buy 3D movies that do use 3D glasses. Coraline, for example, comes with a 3D version of the film on the special edition, no fancy Nvidia PC required.