Convergence Run Amok: Alarm clock with pen holder


Here’s a weird-looking convergence device — alarm clock, pen holder, and speaker — that might work for anyone who needs to write things down in the middle of the night. Maybe you’re a stand-up comedian who thinks up jokes while in a sleep-like state, a famous writer, or you just need to document your aggressive night terrors before you drift back off to whatever fresh hell awaits you in your dreams.

The “Color Flashing Alarm Clock Pen Holder” features a lot of stuff crammed in a pipey tube: thermometer, “natural sounds” alarm, 3.5mm audio input jack, two USB ports that allow the unit to be powered via PC (it can use AAA batteries too) and, of course, it holds pens! Probably also pencils. Perhaps small screwdrivers as well.

It costs $18.69 plus $5.49 for shipping.

Color Flashing Alarm Clock with Pen Holder and 3.5mm Plug Speaker [UXSight]