Another Yahoo Exec Departure: Chief Scientist Mobile Marc Davis Out

Yahoo Chief Scientist for Mobile and VP of Early Stage Products Marc Davis has left the company, we’ve heard from multiple sources, marking yet another of countless executive departures over the last couple of years.

Davis first joined Yahoo in 2005 and had the enviable job description of being able to sit around and think up products that hundreds of millions of people may want to use. The only problem – in tough times, those are the jobs that are easiest to cut.

From his own bio:

Marc Davis is Chief Scientist and VP of ESP (Early Stage Products) of Yahoo! Mobile. His work focuses on creating the technology and applications that will enable the billions of daily media consumers to become daily media producers. His research encompasses the theory, design, and development of sociotechnical systems that leverage contextual metadata and the power of community to enable people around the world to produce, describe, share, and remix media, and to connect to each other in new ways. As Chief Scientist and VP of ESP at Yahoo! Mobile, Marc and his team invent and help realize the future of mobile, social, media, monetization, and platforms. ESP has been involved in innovative products from Yahoo! Mobile such as oneConnect, which reinvents mobile communications by aggregating a user’s social networks and communications tools into a socially connected address book.

This is not yet confirmed – we’ve reached out to Davis for comment and have not yet heard back.

Update: Yahoo confirms the departure. A spokesman sent us the following statement:

Marc Davis left Yahoo! to pursue other opportunities, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. We continue to have a world-class team of researchers dedicated to helping Yahoo! uncover the social and economic potential of the Internet using leading edge science and technology.