Universal Remote Control debuts the MX-5000 touchscreen remote

mx-50001 URC has thrown down the gauntlet and let loose the sexy MX-5000 universal remote. Look at that thing. It’s stunning, but the looks are only half the equation as this is the first remote on the market with a haptic feedback touchscreen. The company apparently has been working on the technology for a few years. Essentially the MX-5000 is the same thing as the MX-6000 except in a candy bar form factor rather than the tablet style. This means that all the two-way communication over 802.11 b/g and RF is also included.[PSGallery=8yn10ecoc10k]

The MX-5000 works with URC’s Complete Control Program, which allows for most installers to also enable two-way IP and RS-232 setup without any complicated programing knowledge. Two-way communication allows the MX-5000 to remotely display media information and receiver volume levels, along with a lot more.

Now, this remote isn’t meant for the retail market, but rather something a purchased from and installed by an A/V pro. We’re getting a review sample shortly so hopefully the setup isn’t that hard.

Pricing hasn’t been announced just yet but URC told us that the MSRP will be under $1,500.