The iPhone: Helping you find medical marijuana since 2009


I’d still rather eat glass than use an iPhone, let alone buy one, but this app at least made me laugh. It’s called Cannabis [iTunes], and helps you locate the nearest (100 percent legal) medical marijuana location in 13 states (plus Europe), as supplied by the

The app, which costs $2.99, is causing something of a commotion. Some people are feigning outrage; some people are complaining along the lines of, “How come my app wasn’t approved but this was?”; others, like myself, really have no problem with it. It’s no different than finding the nearest Starbucks.

Seeing as though Drudge is running with this, too, expect to see all sorts of experts on CNN and CNBC claiming the end of civilization, etc. Never mind that you’d be able to access the same Web site database on any cellphone.

Keep pushing the boundaries of these apps, I say.

via Joe Rogan’s Twitter