Shoulder shrug: Kazaa is coming back, legally


So it looks like the hot, new trend is to buy the name of old peer-to-peer applications, then “resurrect” said application. Such is the case with Kazaa, which was the biggest P2P application in the post-Napster extravaganza of the early 2000s. Anyhow, someone out there plans to bring Kazaa back—legally, of course.

Altnet, whose parent company is Brilliant Digital Entertainment, is bringing Kazaa back with unlimited downloads for $20 a month. The “new” Kazaa will launch with more than one million songs.

Who cares, right? Kazaa was hot for a little while, then you had to jump through hoops (Kazaa Lite or Kazaa Plus or whatever) just to use it without infecting your PC with untold amounts of garbage. Kazaa basically ran its good name into the ground after a while there.

So let’s bring it back! If I had millions of dollars of funding, I sure as heck wouldn’t waste it on dead-for-a-reason P2P application in the hopes of tricking people who were in their teens when Kazaa was big, and who now have credit cards to be able to buy the latest Fabolous album. It just seems like a misguided money-grab to me.