Oops! Customer orders BlackBerry Tour from Sprint, gets a Verizon-branded Tour instead


When the UPS man dropped off Crackberry user Kurpaige‘s brand new Tour from Sprint, it was a matter of seconds before the gadget was in hand. The shipping box was torn to shreds, now little more than a pile of tape and corrugated cardboard. The paper packaging was thrown aside, and the Sprint-branded box delicately dismantled. There it was, in all of its glory: a Verizon-brand BlackBerry Tour. Wait, what?

When you’ve got one company (RIM) making, boxing, and shipping unit after unit of a brand new handset to two major carriers at the same time, stuff like this is bound to happen. Production lines get mixed up; things fall in the wrong bin. When the only visible difference is a little decal on the face of the phone, who’s going to notice? According to the original poster, the handset is running all Sprint software. The chances of this happening are pretty slim – the fact that it happened to someone devoted enough to be a CrackBerry regular? Incredible. It’s like finding the golden ticket, except instead of getting a tour of an amazing candy factory full of magic and wonder, you get the phone you ordered. Sort of.

[Via CrackBerry]