AT&T expands netbook offering

Here’s a quick update from AT&T on the state of their netbook offerings this afternoon in case you’re interested. AT&T stores will now be carrying the Acer Aspire One (160GB HDD/1GB RAM), Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (160GB HDD/1GB RAM) and the Lenovo S10 (160GB HDD/1GB RAM). All three netbooks will retail for $200 after a MIR and a two-year service contract.

Data plans for the netbooks are as follows: 200MB for $40/month, 5GB for $60/month. AT&T is also offering three tiers of ConnecTech services for your brand new netbook.

• AT&T ConnecTech Remote Advanced Set Up and Service for $99. With this plan, customers can select installation of a new netbook to a secure wireless network, or PC notebook performance and optimization service, or PC notebook diagnosis and toubleshooting.

• AT&T ConnecTech In-Home Advanced Set Up and Service, available for $149. This plan offers the choice of next day in-home set up, optimization and security for a new netbook purchase or configuration of an existing PC with an AT&T LaptopConnect card purchase.

• AT&T ConnecTech Ultimate In-Home Experience, at $199, which offers assistance with a customer’s choice of any or all of the following: new netbook installation and optimization; optimization for an existing PC with a data card purchase; peripheral installation and configuration for up to two wireless devices; wireless network installation for up to two devices; configuration and set up of a personal PC with a new device; and a 10-point security audit and optimization of existing or new wireless network and all connected devices.

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